T-Shirt to Un-Tucked Onesie

I have a little guy who is super squirmy.

I have put him in T-shirts before and they are a pain in my rear. He squirms, the shirt comes up, I fix it and then it all happens again. It’s super annoying.

My first post on Arizona Mama was how to turn a blow-out onesie into some cute-ness on a burp cloth. I saved the bottoms from that same onesie to put them on the bottom of a t-shirt. While I was telling someone about this at work, they suggested that I make it so it could look un-tucked when worn with pants, so that their little guy didn’t look like a nerd all the time. I love the look of it now, and it was so easy, I want to go buy tons of t-shirts and ruined onesies at goodwill to make more!

Bottom half of a onesie (can be stained!)
T-shirt(should be the same size as the onesie)
Sewing Materials

The first step is to pin the bottom half of the onesie to the t-shirt. Use a regular onesie to compare lengths. The onesie should be underneath, a few inches higher than the bottom of the t-shirt. Pin it in place. If your onesie is a smaller width than the t-shirt center it. the sides of the t-shirt won’t need to be sewn only where the onesie and t-shirt meet.

Make sure your thread is the same color as the t-shirt, it will make the stitching less noticeable.

Sew a straight line on the front of the onesie, and make sure to re-enforce each side. Do the same for the back.

That’s all it takes now, all you have to do it try to get your baby to smile for the camera!