Selfless Acts and Cutie Patooties!

Selfless Acts and Cutie Patooties!

As some of you may know, my Mom is no longer here and now that I am a Mom, I am fortunate enough to have the most awesome So Cal BFF (she lives in So Cal, hence the name) who just happens to be not just a gorgeous and fabulous woman and entrepenuer, but a fantastic wife and Mom, too! Many an afternoon and late night discussion Jen and I have had about how to get your kid to sleep, is eating ALL the Halloween candy REALLY all that bad, the crazy people we know who also happen to be family members, what diet are you doing this week, how much wine is too much, etc. You know, the usual sort of girl talk.

So, last week, she really outdid herself. Or, should I say, her lovely daughter, Paige outdid herself! As I was going through my emails, I find an email with the cutest picture ever of Paige holding her braided ponytails, in her hands!

What the?! Now, let me explain, that this young lady is quite the looker and girly-poo all the way! Glitter, nails, hair, matching jewelry, this little one gives her Mom a run for her fashionable money! I couldn’t believe she cut her long, gorgeous, absolutely killer hair. What brought this on?! At Paige’s school, there was some information on a wonderful organization called Locks of Love. You can see what it’s all about here. After some discussion about what it was and what it could do, Paige decided that she was going to grow out her hair so that she could donate it to a kid in need! How amazing is that?! Cutting off her own hair!

That is the sign of selfless action and true consideration of another’s misfortune. And, clearly it is the sign of great parents, who are raising a child that is already aware of the virtue of giving of oneself. Not too mention, one cutey patootie!

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