Removeable, Restickable Brick Fun With BrickStix

Removeable, Restickable Brick Fun With BrickStix

As the mother of boys, I’ve always thought of myself in tune with boy toys, especially LEGO®…after all, I have stepped on my fair share. So imagine my shock that I am just learning about BrickStix.

3 years ago, 9 year old Greyson grew frustrated with the limited and very permanent stickers that came with brick sets. He wanted to customize his creations into different stories and needed stickers that could be detached and reused just like his bricks. Thus began the start of the dream that is now BrickStix…removable and reusable stickers and clings in a variety of themes for LEGO®, Mega Bloks® and other plastic bricks.

They come in two forms; BrickStix Cling Decals are reusable, removable and restickable cling decals. Change your decals as often as you change your mind.

BrickStix Reusable Stickers are removable and repositionable stickers. They go on easily and can be removed just as quickly. No sticky mess…stickers won’t leave ick on your brick.

Can I tell you how excited my boys (and I, I’m not even going to lie) was to discover a new way to play with all our bricks? Oh yes, this is only one of their bins…

And guess what? They are now being carried in Toys R Us, LEGO® section! I was at the Everett store just this week and looky what I found. Of course, I had to get the Zombie Stix for Halloween and we spent the morning making a few creations. Look at what fun we had…

I know…you are running out right now to get some. No problem…I’ll wait.