My 2013 Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket Lists are a great way to make sure to get all the warm weather fun in without any regrets!

Memorial Day is over. It’s unofficially, officially summer in my world.

I am a warm-weather body, and I love it. I am a summer baby, my husband is a summer baby, and my baby is a summer baby. We are naturally made for summer.

I love the popsicles and sticky fingers, the sound of the ice cream man, the chalk figures decorating the sidewalk, the smell of barbeques, the hikes among the wildflowers and fireworks on the 4th of July. We love summer.

Taking a note out of Not Just A Mommy’s book, we created our 2013 summer bucket list this past week, and I’m so excited to get started crossing things off!

My Summer Bucket List

I find that if I make a list, I’m more likely to not end up disappointed at the end of the summer. I typically try to squeeze too much into the few months of summer. With the humidity and traveling, I’m often left feeling overscheduled. This list is waaay simplified compared to previous summer bucket lists.

Here’s to hoping I’m more successful this time around!

If you haven’t made your list yet, check out the Summer Bucket List Challenge at The Happy Family Movement. They have tons of great ideas for things to add to your list, guides, prizes, a Facebook community and more.

Check out The Happy Family Movement’s summer fun page for ideas to make 2013 the best summer yet!

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