Making the Case for Kids Yoga

Several years ago, I was teaching a home preschool co-op for my son and his friends.

Those five little kids got really antsy. What preschooler doesn’t? In one of my most self-proclaimed moments of brilliance, I thought of teaching some kids yoga moves when I was teaching the letter “Y.” I found a few moves on the internet and based on my limited yoga experience, I taught them a few simple moves. It had to be one of my favorite mini-lessons ever. The kids got rid of their wiggles, had fun and listened intently. Everything I could ask for when teaching preschool.

Of all the classes or teams that we think of to get our kids involved, yoga doesn’t seem to be the first thought. And maybe not the second either. We think of soccer, dance, baseball, gymnastics. So, why is kids yoga a stand-out? I found out the answer to that question last month when I took my son to a kids yoga class (for kids 6-11 years old) held at the Peace through Yoga studio at Eagle Creek Park.

Alli Louthain, is a registered yoga instructor who specializes in teaching kids yoga. Alli gave me her take on the benefits of yoga. Kids yoga will give the same physical benefits to kids as adults such as strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Even more important for young ones is that yoga can improve confidence and give kids tools to manage stress and anxiety. Today, it seems more important than ever to give our kids opportunities to strengthen their emotional well-being as well as their physical well-being.

I was so impressed by the attention and instruction given to the kids in the class. Alli obviously has a gift with both yoga instruction and working with children. They were clearly having a good time and there was also a portion of the class devoted to relaxation. Getting a bunch of rowdy kids to be still and relax can be a pretty amazing feat. Again, I thought about what a unique and different activity this was to teach my child to relax. So, I for one have been convinced – kids yoga is pure awesome.

Peace through Yoga offers an hour-long kids yoga class every Saturday from 11:30 am at their Eagle Creek Park Studio for only $6 (separate entrance fee to Eagle Creek park). The studio was nestled in the beautiful Eagle Creek Park. The studio was in the perfect location especially when the widows were opened and there were actual nature sounds floating in. The perfect backdrop for a yoga class. The Peace through Yoga Zionsville studio also offers a weekly kids class on Thursdays at 4:15 pm. Adult classes at both locations are available too. For more information on classes and fees check out the Peace through Yoga website.

Alli Louthain is a registered yoga instructor who has developed unique and yoga programs for girls of all ages, parents and kids, for kids 6-11 and for kids 2-5. If you would like more information about any of Alli’s programs for your school, church or private group, check out her website, Isha Girl.