How to Pick the Best Jogging Stoller

Finding the best jogging stroller can be overwhelming for many new parents.

I know when we were looking for a stroller, we wanted one that would endure long, Ironman training miles. After some light research, we chose the BOB Ironman stroller. To date, we have logged over 600 miles, experienced a few flat tires and alignment issues. It is also light as a feather to push, comfortable for my daughter and has a great rain cover accessory piece! Minor issues aside, I highly recommend this stroller for long distance runners.

For those of you who are in the market for a stroller, the folks at wrote a great article about how to pick the best jogging stroller that fits your needs. A deep dive into the reasons behind choosing a pivot wheel vs a fixed and some of the newest features on the market like adjustable handlebar height. I wish I knew some of these new features when I was shopping for a stroller. Enjoy!

Take good care and be well mamas!

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