DIY Toy Story Party Banner

My son just turned two and I’m a little late in getting his party planned and ready.

This year we are doing a Toy Story theme. There is so much cool stuff to do for a Toy Story party. It’s going to be so much fun!

Plain Card Stock
Paper Cutter/Scissors
Acrylic Paint Selection/ Paint Brushes

To Start:

  1. Cut Triangles
  2. Cut out letters from masking tape
  3. Sharpie the outlines of the letters

Cow Print

  1. Sharpie weird cow spot shapes onto the banner piece and fill them in

Green Alien

  1. Pencil in circles for the eyes
  2. Paint everything but inside your circles green
  3. Sharpie dots inside the eyes, and the outlines of the eyes

Woody’s Yellow Shirt

  1. Paint the background yellow
  2. After it dries paint red lines on in, about an inch or so apart

Andy’s Cloud Wallpaper

  1. Paint the background light blue
  2. After it dries, use a circle sponge brush to sponge on clouds

Andy’s Buzz Blanket

  1. Paint the background dark blue
  2. Paint on some yellow stars and some green and purple planets


1.Peel off the taped on letters, carefully!

2.Punch a hole in the top two corners of each triangle (a slit with a knife or scissors would work too)

3.Thread your string through the entire banner, and hang it.

Now you have a cute decoration to your Toy Story party! My son has been calling it his “happy to you sign” maybe that’s what I should have made it say!