B and B Theater-Wylie Grand Opening Weekend

the B and B Wylie 12

When I first moved to Wylie 9 years ago, all we had was an Albertson’s and a Chili’s.

In a blink, businesses have popped up everywhere. The newest addition to the Wylie family is the 12 screen movie theater that opened on Friday April 26. This is not your average movie house. This is the B&B theater with a Grand and Marquee screen. (oooohs and ahhhhs are appropriate noises).

On Friday, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony. The first 100 people in line received a goody bag filled with all kinds of good stuff. What kind of greatness was in the bags? Well, I don’t know. I was #101 in line. I didn’t get a goody bag. Needless to say, we didn’t stay for the ribbon cutting either. I’m sure it was nice and well done. (Not bitter one bit).

We did decide to take in a movie the next morning. There weren’t many movies to choose from, none that were kid friendly anyway. We had seen the Croods the weekend before, so we decided to try something in 3D. Jurassic Park. The boys love that movie. So what if we have it at home, it’s in 3D!

It was very nice. The inside ticket counter was like you were checking into a hotel. I really didn’t get a movie theatre feel from it. The concession stand was very nice too. Being that it was opening weekend, they were giving out free popcorn. That was my boys’ favorite part. It wasn’t crowded at all. Again, besides having the concession stand, it did not feel like we were about to see a movie. Everything was brand new and clean.

The ticket booth looks more like a check in at a hotel.

Concession stand full of goodies.

Free popcorn!

Our movie was in a regular auditorium. A little smaller than I expected, but the chairs were a nice size, and they rocked. There was a ton of leg room. No worries that someone will come in late and step all over you. One thing that really stood out to me, while watching our movie, was that the ushers would come in periodically to check on everything. I remember they used to do this in movies years ago, but don’t anymore. I appreciate the fact that this theater does that.

Long hall. Again, like a hotel.

Outside the auditorium door.

In our seats!

In addition to the auditorium the other two types of screens they have at the Wylie 12 are the Grand Screen and and the Marquee Screen. The Grand screen is one of the largest in the nation. It has extra large stadium seating with 24″ wide rocker seats and Dolby 7.1 surround sound (if you are in to that kinda thing). The Marquee Suites offers extra wide leather recliners, full menu and service at your seat throughout the film, reserved seating, full bar and grille, and wall to wall curved screens.

Screen details