Talk Like A Pirate Day….Scurvey Dog!

ARGHHH Mateys!! September 19th marks one of our favorite days.

Who ever came up with Talk Like A Pirate Day is one fun SCALLYWAG! We took it to a whole new level and turned it into a Pirate day. Oh my, those little ones LOVED it!

When the little ones woke up they had pirate attire waiting for them. These ideas are super fun.

They also had a healthy pirate breakfast….Donuts! They were in heaven, rarely do we have donuts:)

A map was waiting to guide them to their treasure. We sent them all over the yard, into the neighbors yard, and finally they found the treasure chest.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, eating our treasure (rolos)

Reading books about pirates, and watching Peter Pan for the little guy and Hook for the big boys. You could also do these fun pirate crafts or make up a pirate name.

Now get the BLIMEY out of here and go have some FUN!