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Am I the only one that has had a horrible haircut?

In fact, I’ve had quite a few. For example, in high school I was getting ready for my senior pictures and went to get a trim. She just kept cutting and cutting and before you knew it I had chin length hair. She had chopped it all off. I was devastated. UGH! And don’t even mention color. I went out to eat right after a color and a few people commented on how my hair looked PURPLE. WHAT?! I wanted to die.

Here’s where my favorite salon in all of Utah comes in. I was convinced that I would do major, and I mean major research before I ever got my hair cut or colored again. I found this beautiful salon, Studio Enizio and I was willing to take a chance. They were/are amazing. Each stylist is highly trained and is mostly interested in making you look beautiful and comfortable in your own hair. My particular stylist, Morgan Smith (seriously, book with her. Tell her Carrian sent you) is amazing. She’s a colorist which means she has further training on making my hair color look amazing. The salon uses high quality products that you won’t find in other salons, and will make your hair even better than it was.

Alex telling us about the Salon, the makeup artistry etc.

Recently we headed over to the salon to learn about makeup and headshots and I cannot wait to share the info with you.


These are a few products you MUST put on your makeup list. I especially love the moisturizer. It’s the bomb. My face felt moisturized the next day!

Embroylise: Moisturizer and Primer; a must for every day. You’ll thank us later.
Mac Paint Pots: Soft Ochre or Painterly; primer for eyes so makeup lasts.
Eve Pearl Trio Eye Concealer; Don’t be scared of this trio. You need all of the colors. tip: go darker and then gradually blend to lighter in order to lighten under the eye and conceal dark circles.
Makeup Forever HD Foundations: Finally a foundation that feels light, but lasts better all day and has perfect coverage.
Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder; helps your makeup last all day, especially through a photo session.


When you are doing your makeup, consider starting with your eyes and then move on to foundation etc. This was you wont have little sparkles from eyeshadow etc on your face.

Contouring will create the jawline, cheekbones etc that you want and it’s super easy. Here’s a video on how to Contour. It’s awesome.

Highlight with a lighter shadow under your eyebrow and in the corner of your eye. Try to avoid lining your entire eye as it actually makes them look smaller.

Never face the camera full front. Always angle away from the camera with your weight on your back leg.

Avoid white and black; choose colors that make you look good and feel good.

Don’t stick your chin/neck out no matter what the photographer says.

Use darker pigments (makeup), not MORE makeup.

Tell the photographer what you want. If you hate the urban look but your photographer loves it and you don’t say anything, you won’t like a single photo.

Studio Enizio has become a top choice for hair and makeup for Utah, Weddings, film, television and ad campaigns. They are an exclusive provider of Kerastase products which are amazing.

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Make sure you call now to book your appointment. You will never feel better about your look.

And make sure you give a little love to, The Chocolate who has the yummiest treats. They providing everything delicious for us that night