St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Gumball Necklace

I don’t have girls so I don’t get the pleasure of getting to do girly stuff very often.

But while standing in front of the rainbow wall of candy at Party City, I knew I had to do something for St. Patrick’s Day…a rainbow gumball necklace!

I love that Party City carries individual pieces of candy; sometimes you just don’t need a big bag of one color. At 7 cents a gumball and a yard of ribbon that I know you have knocking around your craft closet, you have yourself a fun holiday accessory or a craft idea for your upcoming party. They didn’t carry individual gold gumballs so I used white ones for the ‘clouds’ at the end of a rainbow.

There have been tons of imitators but the original is One Charming Party…check out her post for the easy how-to. I suggest threading the ribbon with a tapestry needle. They are long and have a large eye perfect for threading ribbon. I’ve seen others use plastic needles, but I tried that, and trying to pull the thick end of the eye and the ribbon through caused my gumball to crack. Definitely follow her suggestion and stay away from thick ribbon like grograin.

Cheap and fun…my favorite type of craft!