Printing and Framing Your Instagram Photos

I have a few Instagram shots that make me feel like an artiste.

Yes, pronounced in the fancy way. I’ve been saving a perfect place on my wall for them. If you’ve got some favorites you’ve been waiting to do something with, here are some quick tips to print and frame an Instagram gallery of your own.

Tips for Displaying Your Instagram Photos

Printing Instagram Photos:

  • I printed my photos with Persnickety Prints
  • You can find detailed instructions and tutorials on their site (it’s really easy). I used the Instaport service to put all of my Instagram files into one folder on my desktop and uploaded to the Persnickety site from there.
  • There were several paper finishes to choose from. I found this incredibly helpful post form Listgirl about Persnickety’s paper options. I’m typically an enemy of a glossy finish on photos, I prefer matte. Persnickety’s “gloss” finish was very smooth and perfect for framing. It also brought out the vibrancy of color in my photos. Gloss is not shiny at all (which is what I was worried about). I’m really happy with how they turned out.
  • I ordered 5×5 prints. I went bigger since these were going on my walls. I was a little worried about what the resolution would be like going that big on the prints, but they look great. My photos were not grainy at all.

Framing Your Photos:

  • One word. IKEA.
  • I got the IKEA Ribba 9×9 frames in black ($9.99 each)
  • The matte size leaves a square 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 space for your photo. PERFECT for the 5×5 Instagram prints that I ordered. No trimming or resizing required.
  • I love that these frames have a little bit of depth to them. They feel substantial and finished.

Hanging Your Gallery

We’re a little OCD around here. Or should I say, my husband is a little OCD. He likes for things to line up. He got the ol’ level out, cut out some 9×9 squares of poster board to arrange in the room before hand, and taped up a sample layout of how our gallery would look. I actually loved that he did this (even though I made fun of him) because we ended up moving things around several times (adjusting a few inches here and there).

Finished Project


* Hometown pride! Persnickety Prints is a Utah based company and provided me with a few of my prints (I printed many more than you see here!). My hometown IKEA in Draper, UT provided the frames.