My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog…ever.

When Today’s Mama asked me to write a “Parenting-Stages” blog, I thought to myself, really, what do I know about parenting? My children aren’t even all grown up yet; shouldn’t I wait to see what kind of people they turn out to be before I start posting tidbits of our life experiences? If my kids turn out to be bank robbers, does that negate every blog I write about how proud I am of them and the actual good they do? But then, I thought, that is the beauty of raising children and that is something every parent can relate to.

My family, in truth, has experienced the gamut, from divorce, blending of families, differing parenting styles, peer pressure about sex, drugs and alcohol to the atypical topic of death of a parent. What I will offer in this blog is what I have been through and continue to witness on a daily basis. And before that sounds solemn and heavy, please know that everything in life has a humorous spin to it, and my objective will be to present the funny in the oftentimes unfunny adventures life and children put us through!

What I do know is this: children, like adults, are a work in progress. They will emulate the best and the worst of their parents, even as they grow and mature, so why not project to them that even in the worst of circumstances, some semblance of lightheartedness can go a long way?

So as far as blogging goes, I recognize my total inexperience and am just going to roll with it, just like I did almost 19 years ago when the doctor handed Ryan to me and said, “He’s all yours.” I somehow figured my way through colicky nights, diaper rash and potty training; I can surely learn to post blogs, too!