Laundry Room DIY: Hex Tile Flooring

Ultimately look how cute it is

I know I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but I’m looking at this remodel from a timelessness perspective.

I want to make choices that will last and are easy to update around. I’ve always loved hex tile, also called honeycomb tile; I think it’s timeless and flexible.

Finding the Tile

I thought that this tile would be easy to find. Seems like a standard classic that would always be stocked on the shelves. I looked at 5 different tile suppliers in our area, and ultimately ended up at Lowes; they ordered this white American Olean ceramic hex tile for us.

Getting Started

Our base floor had a big problem. It actually sloped away from the drain, which is obviously no good should you ever have a flood (which we did, and let me tell you it did not work out well).

We found a pretty simple way to level the floor on our own. We used self leveling concrete. You basically mix it and spread it on the floor and then it takes on a life of its own and spreads out until the floor is completely level. I was skeptical, but the floor turned out perfectly level (except for one little mishap, that in all honesty, I caused.)

The Debate

We had some old laminate 50’s style tiles with glue on top of them. We debated whether to pour the liquid level on top of them, or pull up the tiles first, then pour. My husband said that he didn’t think the liquid level would adhere to the tiles properly. I rolled my eyes and told him that he was being too intense and perfectionistic. It would be extra work to pull up the tiles, and the last thing I wanted was him grinding up that floor and releasing the dust (which would probably eventually give me lung cancer) throughout my house.

Well, let me tell you how that turned out:

The floor that needed grinding

Pay no attention to my husbands dust contraption. Instead focus on the torn up concrete in the background.

Our Remodel Fight

The reality is that remodeling usually comes with a few arguments. This was one of our arguments. And I was definitely crowned the loser. He moved forward putting the liquid level concrete down without sanding up the old black stuff. It cracked and did not adhere to the floor. We had to go back and sand blast the floor and do it over. And the nasty dust is probably still adhered to my lungs as I type. (Cough . . .cough.) I was wrong. He was right.

Fixing the Problem

My husbands contraption to control his sanding dust: (it did not work, cough . . . cough . . .)

The Morning After

Once we got to set the tile I couldn’t stand the anticipation of seeing it in completion.

If you’re waiting for the big reveal once the installation is done, adjust your expectations. I had lots of grout to wash away before I was going to see my glorious hex tile flooring shining back at me.

The grout has to cure, and there are several wipe downs in order.

Your first look at hex tile without anything else in the room can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, you are not going to have a seizure. Once you break up the space with the cabinets, the shelving, and the washer and dryer it’s glorious.

Finished Product

We used tile on the washer and dryer stand we built


What we Used: