It Started With An Idea: Make And Takes

It Started With An Idea: Make And Takes

We are continuing on in my It Started With An Idea series with another seriously crafty powerhouse, Marie LeBaron, She That Crafts At Make And Takes. Nothing is better on a rainy Seattle afternoon than a table full of crafts and there is no shortage of ideas with Marie and her contributors. From recipes, to home decor, to clever crafting with kids, they have it all!

We’ve met at various (of course) crafting events like A Night Of WitchCRAFT and if you don’t know her, then I’m thrilled to share with you all!

Please tell our readers a little bit about who Marie is.
ML – I’m a mom to 3 little ones and we live in Seattle. I love to read, I love to run, and I love to craft! We’ve always got some kid crafty project going on at our house. It’s so important to keep creative!

You are the founder and managing editor of the amazing wealth of crafty goodness that is Make And Takes. I’m a huge fan of your website…for a recent holiday party I made the Hot Chocolate On A Stick. What inspired you to start M & T?

ML – The name came from some family of mine, I was always bringing crafts to create, providing a “make and take” for my siblings and friends. So I created the site to share what fun things I was doing, thinking there might be others looking for ideas to create with their own kids.

You’ve added ‘author’ to your resume with Make And Takes For Kids: 50 Crafts Throughtout The Year, which is full of serious creative genius. Can you tell us a little of that experience?
ML – I loved writing Make and Takes For Kids. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, even before the blog. I wanted to provide a kids craft book that was modern and pretty, and full of simple ideas for kids to craft. I’m so proud of it, it turned out just how I was hoping.

Speaking of creative genius, I know there are just so many to choose from, but which of your projects is your favorite and why?
ML – I love simple crafts, any craft that takes only a few supplies. I’m a big fan of pipe cleaners as there are so many simple crafts to make with just that one supply. But you could add in some beads or buttons, and you have yourself a whole new simple craft. (her yarn apple shared on a blog is how I discovered M &T)

You are a hard working SAHM of 3; what is your secret to mostly balancing it all?
ML – It helps that most of the projects I do are with my kids. We can craft together and I just have to have my camera around to snap a few pictures. It makes it easy to keep doing what I do.

Do you have favorite blogs and/or websites you like to visit when you have a moment?
ML – I love to visit Simple Mom, Oh Happy Day and Dollar Store Crafts.

If you had the time, where in the Seattle area could you spend hours at?

ML – On the beach. I’m lucky to live right near the Puget Sound and we have a small beach just 5 minutes from my house. I could walk along the beach for hours, searching for sea glass and shells.

I love to ask everyone I interview if you are stranded on a desert island and can take one item and one meal, what would they be?

ML – Fun question. My item would be yarn, lots to make and craft with yarn. My meal would be a burger and fries, a classic!