Inspiration…you know, it doesn’t always come easy.

It’s not something you can force. It really has to be a natural thing. For me, trying to force it usually doesn’t produce something very inspirational but a jumble of words that sometimes makes sense, sometimes not. But you know what I love about inspiration? It usually moves us to action. I love the dictionary definition, “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” It just feels good to either be inspired or to inspire someone.

I find inspiration in many different ways depending on which creative outlet I’m in the mood for. I used to think I was an amazing multi-tasker. I could fold laundry, watch Oprah, and write a blog post in my head all while the kids were running around using their high pitched voices. Now I find that if I want to get some writing inspiration, I need it to be quiet. An empty house or a few hours at the coffee shop and my mind fills to overflowing with words, almost like I can’t type as fast as the wheels are turning.

Photographic inspiration is entirely different. I love looking at photography blogs and getting ideas on angles, color combinations, and even interesting ways to photograph simple things. Visual images are far more inspiring to me than reading about techniques.

cape town, south africa…a very inspiring place to be…

And then there’s knitting inspiration. This comes quite easily actually. Reading about someone’s latest hand knit or a peruse through my favorite knitting books and I’m gathering the needles and yarn. No help really needed there.

What about you? How do you find inspiration? Though quiet? Photos? Blogs? I would love to hear!