Green Boots

Green Boots!

When my oldest son was 2, we took him to the Crocs Outlet store in Allen to pick out a pair of shoes.

He wasn’t all that interested until he ran across a pair of green rain boots. These boots were 3 sizes too big and came up past his knees, but he did not care. He wanted them. We tried to talk him into another color that they had closer to his size, but he would not budge. He wanted the green boots.

These boots were Buzz Lightyear boots. He could jump higher, run longer, and fly in these magical boots. He wore them everywhere. He wore them with jeans, with shorts, when it was 28 degrees, and when it was 108 degrees. It did not matter, for these boots were magical. Every time he put them on his feet, he became Buzz Lightyear, and there was no stopping him.

Time passed, and he outgrew these green boots. He moved on to Cowboy boots because that’s what big boys wear, so the green boots were put away.

My youngest son, who just happens to be 2, found these boots. The magic must have never left them. He put them on his feet, 3 sizes too big and up to his knees, and he could run faster, jump higher, and fly in them just as his brother had done. These are no longer Buzz Lightyear boots, these are now Iron Man boots, and occasionally Dinosaur boots, or Hulk Smash boots.

He wears them everywhere, with everything. We have bought him expensive tennis shoes, and character shoes that he picked out on his own, but all he wants to wear are the green boots.

We get compliments on the boots everyday. As silly as he looks, it makes me happy that his imagination is going crazy. It’s my proof that he is still a little boy, and hasn’t quite grown up yet.