DIY T-Shirt scarves for Christmas

DIY T-Shirt scarves for Christmas

I’m on this big Up-Cycle trip where I just want to take every piece of junk I find and make something cool out of it….most of the time it turns out great (I said most of the time).

This Christmas I really wanted to handmake a lot of my Christmas gifts. There’s something about handmade gifts that just make my heart smile 🙂

The fact that someone put forth so much thought and effort really makes me feel special. So, I put on my little thinking elf hat and started knitting, sewing, glueing, cutting, ripping, knotting, and stuffing….everything from little stuffed monsters to these cute t-shirt scarves which are so easy to make!

I’m not going to get into the details because the instructions are very easy and all over the internet. Instead I wanted to showcase a few to inspire you to make some. All you need is an old cotton t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and your im-a-gi-na-tion!

They can be scarves OR in my case, necklaces for those loved ones who are lucky enough to reside in tropical environments all year round.

Be sure to add different colors, embelish them with flowers/beads/buttons. I added some little gift tags I printed out on brown paper bags to stay with the Up-cycled/Re-cycled theme 🙂