DIY Lace shorts from skinny jeans

DIY Lace shorts from skinny jeans

I found a really cute idea for some lace shorts on pintrest but I have yet to find the right lace for it so I put a little twist of my own on a couple pairs of old skinny jeans that were getting way too worn. Where I come from, it’s HOT HOT HOT all year round. A really cute pair of shorts is something I can really appreciate, so grab some old jeans and let’s get to it!

First, I grabbed another pair of shorts with a length that I like, and I used that to measure how short to cut the jeans. Since I wanted to leave them frayed at the ends, I didn’t worry about leaving room to sew a seam. (It’s always nice when you can finish a project with less steps)

Next I cut up the side right against the seam. You could probably use a seam ripper but this was faster and easier! I also started cutting while I was wearing them but that freaked me out a little! Because they were skinny jeans, cutting up the side eliminated the tight leg openings. This made them more open around the legs and more comfortable for me.

I found this cute scalloped lace and cut out a rectangle to fit behind the opening that I cut in the seam of the shorts. I actually cut it big enough to double because I thought that would make it more durable in the wash and while wearing.

I placed it where I liked it. Then I pinned and sewed 😀

Then flip inside out and cut off excess lace

I also did another pair with black lace and added some accent lace in some of the tears and pockets. Once you wash them, they will fray more which is what I’m going for. You can also sew around the edges if you don’t want them to fray too much.

Last Step…Wear and ENJOY being super cute 😀