DIY Insulated Hydration Sleeve for Hydration Backpacks

I needed a new bladder for my “backpack with a straw.”

While shopping for hydration bladders I realized one with an insulated hydration sleeve would cost twice as much. Like usual, I decided to make my own instead.


  • 4 inches by 43inches Outer Material (Try to go for lighter colors!)
  • 3 1/2inches by 43inches Inside Material
  • 2 1/2inches by 43inches Batting


Cut your fabric to the dimensions above. This pattern is for a tube with the diameter of approximately 1-1/2 inches, and the length of 41 inches. Add any extra width or length if necessary.

Take the top fabric, and layer the batting and then the inside fabric on top of it, like the picture. Fold the end of the fabric and sew the hem.

Next sew all three pieces of fabric together, down the middle.

After you finish sewing the three layers together, hem the other edge as well.

Next, iron the two long edges. Fold the edge over by about a quarter of an inch and press. Do this for each side.

Put your two pressed sides together, and sew the edge.

Now you have a nice insulated hydration sleeve for the straw of your hydration backpack, that is made from much cuter fabric than usual!