Davinci Carter’s Furniture Review

2 ways I changed up my nursery for my 4th kid

Davinci Carter’s Furniture – Crib & Dresser Review

Baby # 4 is on his way. He’ll be my 3rd boy in a row, which keeps the transition of rooms from kid to kid pretty simple. But, there has been one predicament I have faced, though, while in my crazed nesting phase this past month. I have 1 crib, and will soon have 2 crib-sleeping kids. Do the math. Now, any of you other experienced mamas know that if a toddler still likes their crib and isn’t crawling out, by all means, keep that kid in a crib for as long as you can. It is a gift sent from heaven. Don’t mess. Here’s where the Davinci Carter’s Furniture line comes in.

Due to this crib-sleeping blessing, it meant I needed to find a new crib, and a dresser, too. All existing furniture would go with my toddler to his new room. With a clean slate in front of me, I decided to try a new line of furniture by a tried and true brand all of us moms have used, Carter’s. Wait? Carter’s, like the clothes brand? Yes! They’ve teamed up with another awesome brand, Davinci, to make & sell kid furniture on Amazon, and at Target, Walmart, & Buybuy Baby. And they’re known for classic affordable quality. Just what I was looking for.

Here’s a overview of the perks of Davinci Carter’s Furniture:

  • Fantastic quality meets affordability- 3 older siblings have been loving on my Davinci Carter’s Furniture for months and they’ve held up perfectly + who wants to spend a fortune on kid furniture? Not me!
  • Quick and easy to set up. (They were surprisingly heavy in their packaging- hence good quality) 1 person can easily do it- my husband was THAT person. Yay. I chose to lay like a beached 8 month pregnant whale in a recliner and watch. Plan on about an hour for the crib, 2 hours for the dresser. Similar to Ikea furniture set up, but even more straight forward.

I went for these two items in white:


Crisp and Clean White color- its also GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions, contributing to improved air quality in the rooms in which the products are used! Bonus!

Crib converts to toddler/day/full size bed to grow with your child- not bad for under $200!


I really love the dresser.

The drawers slide smooth. They are deep- you can fill those babies up. I like to use all 6 of them to store all the clothes my boy will quickly pass through his first year. Newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 24 months, etc. And they will be great when he’s older to split up summer vs. winter. Again, he’s my 3rd boy. I have a ton of hand me downs for him. It is so nice that everything will have a place until he gets to them!

I love knowing that this dresser can be used forever. Thumbs up

I keep my nursery simple and neutral, because we may have more kids- whoa, did I just say that?! Yikes. But it’s true. There may be another girl in my future- do I really want to change everything in the room? No, no I don’t. So, until then and beyond, Davinci Carter’s Furniture is exactly what I need. I can easily switch out blankets & swaddles (mine are Pottery Barn & Little Unicorn), art prints (Etsy print from Laura Miller Studio), lamps (Target is always my go to for cute kid lamps under 30 bucks), crib sheets, picture frames (Ikea), initials on the wall…all are interchangeable for the next sweet babe to join your family- boy or girl!