Best Ways to Display Kids Artwork

Image from Smart Girl Style

I am drowning in art.

My crafty little preschooler marches off to school every day with a mission to make AS MUCH ART AS POSSIBLE for me during her twice a week three hour sessions. Her cubby is bulging as I arrive to pick her up and she excitedly presents the six paintings she made for me, the drawing she made for me, the drawing her friend made for me, the wand she made me and on and on and on and on.

Some art has admittedly disappeared in the night. And I do have a plan for creating an art book once we make it through preschool. But the real question is what to do with the revolving gallery of art entering our house that MUST be displayed for all visitors to see.

What is the best way to display artwork? I’ve been researching, check it out.

Image from Budget Wise Home

How do you keep up? HELP!