5 Ways to Use Fabric Scraps

We know them, we hate them. We love to hate them. What are we talking about?

Those tiny bits of fabric left over from sewing projects. We hold on to fabric scraps because they might be perfect for something, we feel bad because we’re throwing out perfectly good fabric. Plus some of those patterns are just too darned cute (or special, because I used them to make baby clothes for my kids who are not so much babies any longer) to purge.

And we’re too busy to start on another quilt.

So what else can we do with fabric scraps, besides let them take up space in our cupboards?

Personally I just throw the not so special ones in a bucket for my kids to play with. Fabric scraps make great blankies for the Barbie dolls, and opportunities for my girls to practice hand stitching.

But when I’m in a creative funk I love to pull out little bits and oddities to see what they can become.

We’ve made gift bags to use as wrapping paper (hello earth friendly project!)

My youngest made me a bookmark at school. He started out with a square of fabric (folded in half) and glued a cute little ribbon in-between the layers to stick out the top. So cute and easy.

What about gift tags? I’ve also used these as luggage tags. I lost a really cute one somewhere between here and Moscow, so now I only put them on my carry-ons.