This summer, go all natural (and buy local)

This summer, go all natural (and buy local)

Exercise is a big part of getting your body in shape for summer (a.k.a. swimsuit season) but diet plays just as important a role. Of course fruits and vegetables are top on the list, but including organic, all-natural, minimally processed foods is a must too. And why not support local business while supporting—or sporting—your swimsuit-ready body?

One of our fave local “healthy” stores is Good Earth Natural Foods. With five locations (Provo, Orem, Riverdale, Sandy and American Fork) and a plethora of yummy, healthy, affordable natural food, it’s time you discovered this local treasure. Inside your local Good Earth you’ll find amino acids and cosmetics to gluten-free groceries and vitamins. I love their bulk foods section (the French Vanilla Almond granola is my favorite), the selection of Raw Melissa products (another local fave) and the “extra mile” philosophy of the store’s owners and employees. Everyone there is at the ready to help you find what you need, whether it’s a specific organic dairy product (most often from a local vendor), the perfectly ripe organic tomato or a homeopathic remedy for whatever ails you (e.g. a nasty sunburn from your first day poolside).

Our family is fitting in a little fitness by being more careful about the foods we eat and Good Earth Natural Foods is one of the best places for getting started. I’ve noticed that even little changes like more fresh-cut fruit in the fridge and incorporating natural, organic sweeteners into our diet are making a difference. Of course you can find a lot of healthy options at one of those national whole health food stores, but why go there when you can find what you want locally for the same, if not better, price?

After squeezing in a little exercise while spring cleaning, you’ll be ready for a snack. Save yourself a few calories (and eventually a few inches) and go with something that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in its ingredients list. You can find a ton of good-for-you (and good-for-your-tastebuds) eats at Good Earth Natural Foods. For locations and an extensive list of the products they offer, visit You’ll also find a health tip of the day and reference library!