Not running = Grumpy Mama

My sister, Robin, and I at The Turkey Trot in York in November 2010

About two years ago, I started seriously exercising.

At first, it was a way to keep fit after I’d had surgery. I’d heard all of the horror stories of massive weight gain after a hysterectomy and I didn’t want that to be me.

But after my surgery, with my crazy hormones all out of control, a friend suggested running. Me? A runner? Well, that was a good laugh. But, not wanting to mess with my body’s crazy chemistry anymore with pills, I decided to give it a shot.

I’m so glad I did. Not only was running a great way to stave off those crazy ups and downs of the hormones, it was a fun activity and gave me time a lone to think and decompress after working. I looked forward to my runs, I even planned for and ran a half-marathon last April, and life was good.

Fast forward to this year. I hurt my ankle and missed running for a few weeks. Then, just as I was healing from that, an old hip injury from the beginning of my running days flared up and has me sidelined for the last week, and I’m looking at three more weeks of missing-in-action from running. And now I have been even sidelined from my nightly walks with my husband by a stomach virus! And, so, I am grumpy. Our December weather was brutal here in South Central PA and I would like nothing more than to be out running and enjoying the more seasonal weather out there with a nice long run but instead I’m sitting on the couch, whining about why I can’t run!

But, as with every dark time, I know that the light will break through the clouds and I will be out there pounding the pavement again soon. I’ve got a half-marathon again scheduled for April and I’m hoping that I get enough training time in before it gets here. And until I can run, I am still able to walk, lift weights and do other things to keep active. That’s the most important thing to remember – staying active helps in all areas of our lives.

So, for now, I’ll enjoy the sun outside and the light streaming in through the windows and let that enjoyment hold off my grumpiness for a bit longer. I know my family will appreciate that! What activity can you do today that will make you happier and healthier?