Eyebrow Tweezing

Let’s not sugarcoat this. If I didn’t tweeze my eyebrows, I would look like Frida Kahlo.

While Frida had many problems, she certainly didn’t see body hair as a monkey on her back (*groan*). Most American women shave or wax multiple areas. Concentrating on the face here…I don’t understand eyebrow waxing. While it looks better on the outset, what are you supposed to do during weeks 3-6 of the grow-out? No, I cannot handle hairy spike brows in the interim. Instead I do the womanly thing: I resort to daily pain and maintenance. The Tweeze.

Years ago I did away with the blunt drugstore stainless steel tweezers and bought a decent pair of Tweezerman tweezers. Hallelujah! Those suckers can pull.

If you’re afraid of what to tweeze and what to leave, here’s a helpful little diagram for aligning your eyebrow shape to your eye.

Try to only pull one hair at a time, directly out of the hair shaft. It stings at first, but after doing this, eh, every other day for like ten years, you won’t even notice it anymore. It is amazing how much well-groomed brows can bring out the eyes and add to facial interest. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

What’s your must-persevere maintenance routine?

Image: Self Portrait with Monkey by Frida Kahlo