Every Kid Needs a Tooth Ferry

Every Kid Needs a Tooth Ferry

If you’re as grossed out by the whole losing baby teeth thing as I am, then you’re going to love this ingenious invention by 7 year old Jeremy Badour called The Tooth Ferry. The Tooth Ferry is a trendy looking necklace that kids can wear around their necks when a tooth is loose. Once the tooth falls out (or gets yanked by a string tied to the door), then your gapped-smiled kid can put the tooth inside the charm where it is safe before it finds its final resting place under the pillow later that night. The only thing that could be better about this necklace is if it actually pulled the tooth out, but aside from that, this piece of functional kid jewelry is genius.

Both my kids will be getting one in their stocking this year since they are obsessed with all things tooth-losing related, and I won’t have to worry about losing a darn tooth. It’s a win-win!

You can buy your Tooth Ferry directly from Jeremy’s website (and be sure to read his About Me page to find out his whole story, it’s endearing!).

The Tooth Ferry is on sale for $16.00 through October 31st, so don’t delay!