Grape and Jello-O After School Snack

Grape and Jello-O After School Snack

With the new adventure going from the city where you have many conveniences at the grocery store, to a small town where prices are a bit higher, one needs to become creative when it comes to having some simple and yummy after school snacks. So, with that said I have two fun, simple and cheap snack ideas that will last the month.

My mother in law has an amazing fence full of GRAPES.

There are more grapes than my kids and I can eat. So, what to do with them? I would LOVE to can them into grape juice, I just have never canned by myself before. (I AM going to learn). I went through and cut a bunch of grapes down.

I washed them with cold water and picked off any grapes that were to small.

Get a vanilla instant pudding and pour 1/2 the bag onto a cookie sheet. Then take the washed grapes and carefully dump the grapes on the cookie sheet over the pudding. Then pour the rest of the pudding onto the grapes. Use a spoon and scoop up pudding and pour over grapes. Let them sit for a minute. Then put them in a zip lock bag or tupperware container and put them in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

What comes next, is a happy kid having a yummy snack after school. He ate the entire bowl. That is the most grapes I’ve ever seen him eat before.

Two thumbs up. That makes this mom very happy. Cost of frozen grapes: 69 cents for the pudding pack. If you don’t have a grape vine in your garden then the cost would be less than $5.00. Depending on how many grapes you get this $5.00 will last you all month. Grapes will stay good frozen like this for a month. Since we have so many grapes of the vine, his little school class gets afternoon snacks as well, when I go help in his class. They LOVE having a cold treat.

The next one is also a frozen treat. With the temps so hot, cold is really nice. All you need is peaches, Greek vanilla yogurt, honey, ice cube trays (dollar store) and Popsicle sticks or candy sucker sticks.

I had 2 cans left of peaches so I put them in my blender and pureed them.

Next, pour the peach puree into a bowl. Add 2-3 tablespoons of honey and 2 cups of Greek Vanilla yogurt.

You can add how much honey to the recipe. The honey is all about taste. I say to use Greek Yogurt because it’s thicker. You can use any vanilla yogurt you have on hand. Once everything is in your bowl, use a whisk and mix it up.

My friend’s coworker has a beehive and I get this honey every year for Christmas. LOVE IT.

After everything is mixed, pour into ice cube trays. I sprayed a little non stick spray on them. Put them in the freezer for 5-7 minutes. Set a timer. You don’t want them runny, but you don’t want them completely frozen either. When time is up, take them out of the freezer.

I got these at the Micheal’s craft store. There sucker sticks. They’re long, so I cut them in 1/2 and they are the perfect size.

Use the cut in 1/2 sucker sticks and put them in the middle of your peach pop. Then put them back in the freezer.

Another yummy after school snack. He had 4 of them before I got a picture taken.

Now, I did have left overs, since I used 2 cans it made a lot, so…

I made me a shake out the rest. I added frozen raspberries to it and YUMMY.

Total cost for 2 healthy snacks….. Less than $10.00 and it will last all month.

Not too shabby for this ‘ol gal.

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