Edible Bread Sculptures–A Tasty Craft Perfect for Kids!

Edible Bread Sculptures–A Tasty Craft Perfect for Kids!

Are you like me in that you are constantly on the lookout for fun and easy crafts for your little ones that are not too complicated, not too messy, and not too expensive, but still deliver that “wow” factor and leave your kids thinking you are the greatest! mom! ever! for letting them make such super-cool stuff? Today’s edible bread sculpture craft idea accomplishes all of that and more! This craft idea is mighty tasty to boot! WOOT! We’ve got a win-win right here, moms!

This little craft involves bread. Pre-made frozen bread to be more exact. See? Easy! The wonderful frozen bread dough is allowed to thaw then is shaped into snails, dogs, footballs, or whatever strikes your kids’ fancy. The sculptures then are baked up to be a beautiful golden brown hue and result in adorable sculptures that are literally good enough to eat! What’s not to love about that? Hardly any fuss, or muss, or mess! This would be the perfect activity to occupy your children while you are busy working on dinner nearby. Just imagine how your children’s faces will light up when you tell them that they will get to bite off that adorable little doggie’s ear! Your kids will think you pretty much deserve to receive the mom of the year award!

The photos and the instructions for the darling bread sculptures shown here are from Rhodes Bread. Click on the titles below each photo to read the entire list of ingredients and instructions for each edible bread sculpture recipe.

We would love to know if you or your kids have made an edible sculpture! Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, happy sculpting, and happy eating!