Dragon Fruit Mango Kefir Smoothie!

I love Summer and all the yummy fruits that come with it!

I found an excellent deal on some dragon fruit at Winco and I couldn’t resist! They were $3.48 each, but I have paid close to $6 for them before.

I know the price sounds steep, but they are full of so much goodness and just remind me of a tropical island and I feel at home. If you haven’t tried a dragon fruit, you must do it NOW! Not only are they beautiful but they taste great too. They have a cool crisp inside with little black seeds that are edible (well, I eat them). These guys are not super sweet which I love and they remind me of a kiwi. They make just the perfect snack for Summer. They aren’t cheap, so yes, I hid in the closet to eat one because I didn’t want to share (don’t judge me).

So on to the smoothie – My wonderful Mom bought me a Nutribullet for Christmas and I have been using it everyday. I’m so in love with it, I recommend it to everyone! The night before, I cut up the dragon fruit, mango (skin on! So many vitamins!) bagged it and then threw it the freezer along with a couple of other baggies with different varieties of fruits. In the morning, I threw it in to the Nutribullet with some spinach, kefir, a little water and BAM….it’s awesome 😀 It’s like a frozen smoothie, yogurt, probiotic, vitamin packed wammy.

I don’t have dragon fruit and mango in my house everyday so here’s a little list of what I usually keep on hand for my smoothies:

Greens (I prefer Spinach but you can use others such as Kale)

Flax seeds



Other favorites are pineapples, oranges, cucumber, mint leaves, berries, chia seeds…I could go on!