Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls

Sunday mornings are usually a big homemade breakfast day at our house.

But I was a little lazy this Sunday morning so I opted for something easy (and still homemade feeling). I busted out the Cinnabon Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls (we think the “Flaky Supreme” variety work the best).

Now, I’ve heard of people wrapping bacon into their Cinnamon rolls. Seems easy enough . . . so we gave it a run. Why not?

How We Did It

We usually bake our bacon in the oven. I pulled the bacon out just a little early so it wasn’t too crispy to roll up in the Cinnabon dough. Here’s what you do:

  • Fry/Bake your bacon until it is done (but still flexible).
  • Pop open the Cinnabon Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls – Flaky Supreme Variety (Can we all be honest? Who else gets anxiety when they are waiting for those containers to pop! I scream 70% of the time!)
  • Un-roll the dough into strips on a cookie sheet (I only un-roll about half way)
  • Place a strip of bacon on the dough and roll it back up
  • Place together in a pie tin or individually on a baking sheet (I prefer the baking sheet)
  • Bake as directed on the package
  • Remove from oven and add frosting

I took a couple of pictures. I’m no pro, these were shot with my iPhone. I threw a fork in there at one point to look like I styled up the shot.

Rolling Up the Dough With Bacon

Ready to Go!

Grouped Together in Pie Tin (I needed to cook them longer this way. I prefer laying them out on the baking sheet)




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