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Real Candy-filled Eggs

If you’re the type of person who does just one holiday craft per season, like me, I highly recommend trying these candy-filled eggs. I had a blast last year making them. I followed Megan’s detailed tutorial here and encourage you to do the same.

What you need:



Paper mini-cups

Hot glue

Candy (small scale is best)

My son was so excited to dye the raw eggs. When he broke one, even better, it solidified in his mind that they were raw. I sent him to bed on time and got to work. First, I used a Dremel tool to slice the bottom off the eggs–the wider base end. Second, poured the raw egg into a bowl for breakfast in the morning. Third, rinsed the eggs and then boiled them for 10 minutes (use a toothbrush to clean out any remaining egg bits.) I re-dyed the eggs since the boiling removed all the color. (If you’re not trying to trick kids, you don’t have to dye, boil, then dye.)

This year I’m going to stick the dyed eggs in a low oven to dry them out more quickly. Once the eggs are dry, fill with small candies, hot glue around the edge, and stick the paper cups onto them to seal away. The egg sits up quite nicely after that. I had a plate of them waiting for after Easter dinner.

Candy filled real eggs

As far as my son remembered, he’d dyed raw eggs. Imagine his delight when I encouraged him and his brother to pick up an egg and smash it on the table. The looks on their faces were absolute magic. He came up with an elaborate story on the spot about some sort of Easter bunny miracle.

Sure, this project sounds time consuming, but it wasn’t really. I got most of it done while watching a single movie. It was so worth a little time and creativity to absolutely BLOW my kids’ MINDS.

Think you’d want to try them?

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