Christmas Crafts for Children

Christmas time is the ideal of the year for quality time with your children.

Christmas is a magical time of year, especially for children. There is nothing more exciting for a child then staring out the window and watching the first snowfall of the season or being able to decorate the Christmas tree. Kids also love spending their time crafting new things that they can use as decorations around the house for Christmas time. You can show them how to make Christmas ornaments or gingerbread houses as well as snowmen and snow angels outside in the snow. No matter what it is that you want to do with your kids, chances are that they’ll love it if it has to do with the magic of Christmas. To give you some ideas, here are some quick and easy Christmas crafts that you can do with your kids.

1. Painted Christmas Tree Ornament

Kids love making Christmas tree ornaments and putting them up on the tree. An easy and unique ornament that you can make with your kids is a painted round ball. What you will need is some string, a few different colors of acrylic paint, and a plastic clear ornament ball. For the plastic ball, find the type that you can break apart in the middle.Once you have all the items, the rest of the process is easy. Have your kids pick out the colors that they want on the inside of their ornament, then show them how to drop a small amount of paint on the inside of one half of the ball. Drop a few more colors in and then clasp the other half onto the half that has the paint inside. Let your child shake the ball until the colors are all over the inside of the ornament. Let it dry, and then hang it up on the Christmas tree or on an artificial christmas wreaths with lights. Now you’ll have colorful and creative Christmas tree ornaments that your child can take pride in.

2. Easy Gingerbread Houses

Rather than going out and buying an entire kit of gingerbread houses, try doing it the easier way. What you will need is a small empty milk carton (like the ones that they have at elementary and middle schools), graham crackers, an assortment of candy, and frosting. Then you can get started. Give each of your children a milk carton and lay out all of the other items. Show them how to “glue” the graham crackers to the walls of the carton using the frosting. They can build the gingerbread house around the milk carton and then decorate it with all of the little candies that you have. Make sure that you have some of the classic gingerbread candies. If you want, you can even make a platform for them to decorate as well. You can have different colored frostings if you’re ambitious so that they can add grass or flowers around the base of the house. Let them have fun with it!

3. Santa Paper Plate Face

A classic craft for kids to make is the fun Santa paper plate. All you need to do it is paper plates, cotton balls, markers or crayons, extra red paper, and googly eyes. The steps are pretty easy after you gather everything together. Give your child a paper plate and help them to cut off most of the perforations that line the edges of the paper plate. You want to keep half of it since this will be most of Santa’s beard. Cut out a triangle from the red paper and keep it off to the side for Santa’s hat. Now help your child glue the cotton balls around the edge of the plate and up onto the plate to make a convincing beard. Let them color in the face with the crayons or the markers and draw on a smile. Then add the googly eyes and the hat. For the finishing touch, add another cotton ball on the top of the hat.

Christmas is about being with your family. Making crafts with your kids will help you to spend more creative time with them and help them to feel the magic of Christmas.