3 Ingredient Galaxy Calm Down Bottle

Make this simple 3 ingredient Galaxy calm down bottle. It's a great tool for mindfulness, autism, and sensory processing.

With three ingredients you can make this stunning galaxy calm down bottle! This would also be perfect for the little ones who love learning about space!

Every year I love making a space themed activity, and this bottle is perfect for learning about space. Or just having something beautiful and mesmerizing around.

Calm down bottles and calm down jars are great for teaching children self-regulation. And they are just amazing to look it. Calm down bottles are for all ages, babies to adults!

How to Make a Galaxy Calm Down Bottle

This is one of the easiest calm down bottles to make ever! No special techniques are necessary, and if you have never made one before, this might be the perfect one to practice on.

There are other ways to make this bottle too with different ingredients. I talk about that later on.


You only need three ingredients to make this!

I used a VOSS water bottle for this. We drank the water and used the bottle only. You can read about where to find them and what other bottles are a good alternative in my post How to Make a Perfect Sensory Bottle. I love VOSS water so I pour it into another glass to drink and use the VOSS bottle for all of my many sensory bottles and discovery bottles.

Mineral oil and baby oil are one in the same. They are sold at drug stores, many grocery stores, some dollar stores, and online. Get enough to fill up 2/3 of your water bottle. I chose mineral oil because I want the confetti stars to last a long time.

Candy dye is a must! Liquid watercolor and food coloring are not oil based, so do not use those! I found my candy coloring at Michael’s, but it was the third craft store I hit, so I would probably just get it online next time to avoid the hassle of hunting it down! There are two types of candy coloring. I got the one with the primary colors.

I also used the candy coloring to make these color mixing sensory bottles!

Star confetti is at craft stores or you can find it online. I bought mine from Amazon because I am a Prime Member and love the free shipping!

Glitter is a perfect touch to this. I used three different types. I just used what I had at home already and made no special trips to the store. I used silver glitter from the dollar store as well as black and gold fine glitter from the craft store. I wanted to use silver fine glitter, but I was completely out from all of the other calm down jars I’ve already made.


Pour the mineral oil into your empty water bottle. Feel free to use a funnel for this. I leave the top part of the water bottle empty. With the VOSS bottles I put just enough to go near the lid or about 2/3 full. You just want enough space to easily mix your bottle.

Add some blue candy coloring dye next. I put in about ½ teaspoon. Add as much as you like until you get the color you want!

Caution: This is messy and stains! I always handle this part and let the kids do the other parts!

Add the confetti stars! I used about 1/3 of the package and then put the rest in some Starry Night Sky Slime!

Now add some glitter if desired. Since this is mineral oil, any glitter will work great. I used silver glitter from the dollar store as well as some fine glitter I already had around in black and gold. You can use any color.

Lastly, glue on the lid! I use Gorilla Glue and check it every few months to make sure it stays on. You would NOT want mineral oil all over your floor!

I love that the gold almost gave a shooting star appearance!

If you are wondering if there is an alternative way to make this, yes there is! You can use tacky glue with water, the stars, and liquid watercolor. To see detailed instructions about that version, visit this post and scroll to the part about making calm down bottles with tacky glue.

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