Learning yoga poses can be fun and exciting, and by adding a book, it gives children another form of connection. Little ones have strong emotions along with the need to move, and yoga combines those both beautifully.

Calming activities are something I use daily with children, so I also have some favorite kid yoga videos and calm down bottles that go hand in hand with yoga books too.

The Best Kid Yoga Books and Stories

These yoga story books are a great way to get children interested in yoga and start learning about it and practicing it.

Rachel’s Day in the Garden

This book is a charming short story that cleverly shows how yoga poses can naturally be a part of everyday life experiences. While this beautifully illustrated book can be used to teach and practice yoga poses with young children by using it’s simple parent-teacher tools and guide at the back of the book, it can also definitely be enjoyed just as a sweet story.

Good Morning Yoga

Good Morning Yoga is a pose by pose wake-up story that encourages deep breaths in and out as readers are encouraged to imagine their bodies becoming many wonderful things through colorful illustrations and simple descriptive writings.

Good Night Yoga

Good Night Yoga is the pose-by-pose bedtime story by the same author as Good Morning Yoga. This book encourages kids to end their day in a calming, mindful way as they breathe deeply and pose in various positions. Much like the morning book, the wording and illustrations are beautifully imaginative.

My Daddy is a Pretzel

This children’s book is quite deliberately designed to train the hearts, minds, and bodies of children in the virtues and techniques of practicing Yoga. Cute and bright illustrations aside, this book is far more detailed than most children’s Yoga books I’ve seen. Readers are given a fun and simple understanding of how to properly get in and out of poses, as well as the intent behind each pose. This book is an outstanding introduction to yoga.

The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids

This book is a simple introduction to yoga postures using illustrations, the alphabet and the attractive flow of rhyming vignettes. Vibrant illustrations very effectively show how poses get their names and will undoubtedly be inspiring kids to get into some or all of the over 50 poses presented in this book.

I am Yoga

I am Yoga is a very tender children’s book about managing stress through the connecting and empowering ideals of yoga. Simple, thoughtful illustrations and words show a child bringing herself back to calm when life feels too fast. The back of this book gives detailed descriptions of the poses used throughout the book. What a great mantra/tool for kids dealing with the big feelings children so often feel.

Yoga Bunny

This is s delightful story about a focused little bunny that knows the power of yoga! He rises in the morning and begins his breathing and poses while trying to persuade his rushed and irritable passing-by friends to join him. At first, each of his friends decline, but eventually they see the benefit and chose to join bunny. The friends pose together, coming to a calm relaxed state, ultimately thanking their friend bunny for his assistance.

You Are a Lion

This is a clever little yoga pose book for young children that puts its illustrated characters in their simple positions with an open ended, “You are a…” at the bottom of the page. Anyone that reads to children frequently knows that they just adore the mystery in these kinds of books. They absolutely love turning the pages to find out ‘what’, even after they’ve memorized it! This is a very fun way to learn yoga poses!

Adult Books for Teaching Yoga to Kids

Go Go Yoga for Kids

This guide is a great place to begin learning Yoga, whether it is in the home or classroom. If you are an adult looking to do yoga with young children, this will provide you with yoga poses, descriptions, preparation tips, themes, and even games. The stick figure visuals are also so fun to look at too.

Yoga for Children

For adults who are interested in teaching yoga, this has it all. From yoga philosophies, mindfulness exercises, yoga terms, and of course yoga poses and breathing techniques, this can help you teach children ages 2-13.

What is your favorite kid yoga book? I’d love to hear about it!

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