Where all your money is going and how to get some of it back


Let’s face it, unless you are a tiny percent of people, you probably have some difficulties with money. That is perfectly ok, Welcome to the club. Very few people make as much money as they would like and rarely have all the things they want. There is still plenty of reason to be happy and you can still be successful. There are several ways you can optimize your spending so more of those dollars stick around longer.

Knowledge is power

There are lots of good little tips that may or may not make a big difference but there is one killer difference that ACTUALLY works. You have to know exactly where every single dollar is going. It is crucial to look at your last few months’ worth of expenses. The way you categorize and evaluate this information differs widely, but this is what we suggest. Divide all your expenses into two areas, expenses that you can’t do anything about (car insurance, loans) and expenses that are flexible (gym memberships, groceries). Whatever strategy you use, make a solid plan.

Outdated expenditures

There are several areas that will appear as easy expenditures that you can cut out. There are others that are less obvious. Many people are losing more money because they drive a car that has terrible gas mileage. Look into selling your car for a cheaper more fuel-efficient car. Many people may have appliances in their home that are outdated and inefficient. You could update your HVAC or heating system. If you have an older house, you may be spending more because of an older system.

Think Outside the Box

This is one of the hardest parts, but it can be very impactful for your wallet. Many expenses seem like they can’t be adjusted no matter what. But if you get creative you can probably find little ways to lower even those expenses. You can reach out to your property management company and offer to maintain the building for half price on your rent. You could lower the cost of your car payment by listing your car on Turo when you are not using it. If you have a special skill for your job, offer to exchange that skill for a discount on whatever you are paying.

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Jean C. Byrne
Jean C. Byrne

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