The Best Stuffed Animal Storage Solution You and Your Kids Will Love

Preschool Inspirations
Preschool Inspirations

I love how these make a bedroom transform from clutter to neat and tidy! They are perfect for blankets and towels too! See all of the patterns and...


I have a love-hate relationship with stuffed animals. I love how cuddly they are. How relaxing they can be when we snuggle up with them. And how comforting they can be. When I tuck my kids into bed at night, if they're feeling scared or lonely, their beloved stuffie can give them just the right amount of comfort to fall asleep and feel secure.

But stuffed animals multiply like rabbits.

Before I knew it, they had taken over every surface in my kids' bedrooms. I get it because I adored stuffed animals at their age too.

And to be fair, stuffed animals are hard to part with. I mean really hard! It's like letting go of a longtime friend.

But when you get stuffed animals year after year and the ones in the must-keep pile are as high as a mountain compared to the ones no longer wanted, it seems like there is no good solution.

We've tried stuffed animal nets, over the door hanging storage, making them "decor," and still, I felt like the stuffed animals were out of control.

Or completely out of reach and collecting layers of dust.

I tried to tell the grandparents that we have more than enough stuffed animals to last us for...well, forever. And when we get near the giant stuffed animals at the store, I point in the opposite direction and tell the children they won't believe what there is at the other end of the store.

When it comes to stuffed animals, it's so hard because they are so lovable but so hard to let go of too. I thought we'd be in this never-ending cycle forever where we just kept accumulating more stuffed animals than what we gave away.

I couldn't keep up with it all without crushing my children's spirits and feeling like the Grinch myself.

The Best Stuffed Animal Storage Solution You and Your Kids Will Love

A friend of mine sent me a gift one day. It was a Stuff 'n Sit aka a bean bag stuffed animal holder. I was grateful for any help with organization and decided to give it a whirl. Lots of times these things only last a few months, but it was worth a shot.

At least the design of the stuffed animal bean bag called the Stuff 'n Sit (affiliate link) was perfect, so I was happy to try it out.

But on the inside, I knew it would just be a matter of weeks before the bean bag broke or the kids completely forgot about it. Because none of my other stuffed animals storage ideas stood the test of time.

We picked up my son's room and put the stuffed animals inside. Little did I realize how clean and organized his room looked just by putting all of the stuffed animals into the stuffed animal bean bag. It gave us just enough motivation to finish cleaning up his room.

A day later, all of the stuffed animals were all over the floor again.

"Aha," I thought. He just wants to play with them, and this won't work.

So I said to my son, "Just be sure to put them back when you're done." As the night approached, I reminded him that all of his animals needed to go back into their home -- the stuffed animal bean bag.

I held it open for him, and he quickly put them all back. And again, the room felt nice and clean again. The Stuff 'n Sit was starting to grow on me.

The verdict is in

As the days passed I realized that the stuffed animals were still being used but easy enough to put back away with a small reminder. Definitely doable.

After several weeks and even months, I realized that we were keeping the floor clean. I mean, that's a minor miracle in itself!

And the only thing that had changed was having the stuffed animal bean bag.

Plus, the bean bag has stayed in awesome condition. Even with my kids carrying it around with the handle.

OK, so there was something about this Stuff 'n Sit stuffed animal storage bean bag. It's kind of magical actually.

For the first time ever, I have finally found a stuffed animal storage solution that works! One that could stand the test of time and that could keep up with our messy family.

But don't just take my word for it. Over the past few months, it has become a five-star best-seller on Amazon with over 3,000 reviews.

So now it's nice to know we weren't the only ones struggling with keeping up with the stuffed animals...and so many other people love theirs too!

So now the kids get to hold onto their stuffed animals longer, and I get to keep my sanity.


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