My son has been dating this girl for for 5 years. We have gotten to know her very well and we have a good relationship. Today my first grandson was born 6 weeks early. Today it was myself, my son, my son's girlfriend, her mother, and all the Dr.'s preparing for her delivery. I was asked by his girlfriend to leave the delivery room but she only wanted her mother and my son there, I turned to my son and I asked "son do you want me in here' and he replied "I have to abide by her wishes." needless to say I didn't get to see my first grand baby being born. I feel so robbed. This has been troubling me and such a heartbreak for me. for many many many years now I have dreamt at the moment of my grandbaby being born. I left the hospital because I was so hurt. After the baby was born he called me and said that he needed me. I thought he would need me during the birth to be there to support him. I never went back today but I do plan on going tomorrow sometime to see the baby.Someone please explain, help me overcome hurt and heart break I have. Will I ever be able to get close to this baby? Will I be closer to a grandbaby that I have visually seen born? Heart broke New grandma