Genius Toy Storage and Organization Hacks


After any birthday or holiday, I feel like we have toys overflowing everywhere. Sometimes it's enough to send a quick shot of anxiety right through me.

When I start looking around and the dread begins to sink in, I know I just need a good toy storage overaul! And as a preschool teacher and mom, I always have my eyes peeled for the the most genius childrens toy storage ideas.

I have learned that giving toys a home can make a whole world of difference. And the perfect storage idea or container can make everyone happy.

I want the toys off the floor and to keep anyone from stepping on LEGOs. It must be the most painful toy to step on ever! When it comes to stuffed animal storage, toy car storage, book storage, LEGO storage, the more ideas the better!

Toy Storage and Organization

Here are some of the best kids toy storage and children's storage solutions!

Stuffed Animal Storage

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag - When it comes to stuffed animal storage, this stuffed animal bean bag is the best! Even a room full of clutter feels so much better after all the stuffies are placed into this bean bag. Plus, it's super soft to sit on too (which I found surprising).

Stuffed Animal Swing - This swing is darling and a great stuffed animal organizer.

Stuffed Animal Zoo - This stuffed animal holder is sure to please!

Stuffed Animal Hanger - This stuffed animal chandelier is so clever!

Toy Car Storage

Matchbox Car Wall Garage - Can I just say that wall storage is the best! Make a parking garage on the wall for all of those toy cars.

Wooden Crate Hot Wheel Storage - The genius idea is the perfect parking garage for cars!

PVC Pipe Matchbox Garage - This is so clever for storing those toy cars with some PVC pipe!

Book Storage

Playroom Bookshelf - The DIY bookshelves in here are seriously ahhhhmazing. Even I would love to spend all day in there!

Book Wall - These are all eye candy for anyone needing a beautiful space for all of the books. I can't get rid of them either.

Crate Bookshelf - This is a quick and easy solution using those crates we see at the craft store all the time!

LEGO Storage

Underbed LEGO container - This is a brilliant way to put away all the LEGOs quickly and to save those projects that your child wants to continue the next day.

Underbed Rolling LEGO Bin - This LEGO storage is perfect for the DIYer and easily rolls under the bed and outside of it when it's ready to be used.

LEGO Calm Down Corner - If there is one thing that can keep my children from bickering and fighting, it's LEGOs. There really is something calming about them. And this LEGO table is a perfect idea to keep inviting the calm.

LEGO Organization - If you have a master builder in training, this is the room for you! There's on the wall LEGO storage, a minifigure display, and more brilliant ideas.

Lego Wall Storage - I love that all of the LEGO parts stay off the floor and on the wall in these clever storage bins.

Lego Desk - This LEGO storage idea is so smart and a perfect working desk for LEGOs.

Simple Toy Storage

Wood Crate Toy Storage - Make simple toy boxes and toy shelves in a cinch!

Grocery Bag Toy Storage - Recycle grocery bags into these adorable toy boxes!

Pizza Tray Magnet Storage - What a genius way to store all those magnetic pieces!

Card Game Storage - Storing card games doesn't get much easier or more brilliant than this!

Bath Toy Organizer - This is genius for bath toy storage! Get all those beloved bath toys to dry and be organized.

DIY Toy Storage

Figurine Shelf - Whether you have a plethora of My Little Pony, tons of My Little Petshop, or all of the superheroes and villains, this is such a great way to store them up on the wall!

Dress Up Closet - This dress up closet is the perfect spot for your child's favorite dress up clothes!

Super Hero Jars - Organize those little pieces with your child's favorite super hero!

Do you have a favorite toy organization hack? I'd love to hear about it!

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@liz I hear you! It's crazy how they can just show up everywhere.


@Lauren317 the bookshelf idea works great!


Love these ideas for bookshelves - ours is such a disaster, you can’t see the majority of books we have so the kids end up just picking the same books, or grab one from the bottom and everything goes ker-plunk


Always looking for creative storage ideas. Legos are the bane of my existence right now. :)