5 Secrets that Reveal How Supermoms Get Things Done


We all have these friends. The ones who accomplish being a mom and 99,387,145 other things too -- all at the same time.

When they are talking about the meal plan for the entire week, I am left wondering what I can whip up in my fridge and pantry to make dinner that night...blindly hoping I don't have to run to the grocery store with my three children in tow. Or that my family actually likes it.

When I walk into their house and they apologize that it's not clean, I wonder what sort of reality they live in because it takes me hours to make sure my own house is only "that messy."

Or when my workout is running up and down the stairs all day long trying to keep up with my kids, they are training for their next marathon. I have been trying to run for months, and I still can't even breathe after one mile.

So how do these supermoms do it all?

5 Secrets that Reveal How Supermoms Get Things Done

Supermoms don't wait for perfect moments.

If we're being completely honest with ourselves, there are no perfect moments. There is almost always something going on to make our crazy lives even more messy and chaotic. Whether it's sick kids, bad weather, teething babies and toddlers, a big move to make, changing jobs, working crazy hours, sleep regression, going back to school, or anything else. When life calms down, it's really just temporarily or for a season.

My friend was nine months pregnant and about to take her finals for nursing school. We knew the baby (her third) was going to make her appearance soon. Any minute soon. We were crossing our fingers and hoping that the precious little one would wait one more week until finals were over.

As I was helping her prepare the last-minute necessities that we try to cram in before babies arrive, I asked,

"What if the baby comes before finals?"

She apprehensively replied,"

"I'll just have my husband bring her to the school so I can feed her between tests."

I could barely even wrap my mind around giving birth and taking some of the most important tests of my career, all in a matter of a few days.

The baby came that night, and sure enough, two days later, my supermom friend was taking her finals. Her hubby took off work to bring the baby for feedings, and she passed those finals even with almost no sleep and a newborn to breastfeed.

She taught me that sometimes life is chaos, and we are stronger than we think. We have to embrace those imperfect moments instead of waiting for perfect circumstances.

Supermoms don't do everything themselves.

Sometimes it seems like supermoms do everything with time to spare.

One day I was asking my supermom friend, with four children and two very successful business, how she does it all.

"Oh, I definitely don't do it all," she confessed.

"Oh, please," I thought. It was obvious that she did and did it well.

Then she told me that something that saved her a ton of time was having a housekeeper come weekly.

Suddenly, I felt like there was a huge burden lifted. We don't have to do it all.

We can hire someone to help clean our houses, and there is no reason to feel one bit guilty about it. We can have our groceries delivered, or put our kids in daycare, or take our pets to a groomer, or hire a tutor.

As David Allen perfectly explains it, "You can do anything, but you can't do everything."

Supermoms make use of the super small pockets of time.

Supermoms know how to plan their days down to the minute and stretch their 24 hours into looking like they accomplished a week's worth of tasks and projects.

They can brush their teeth and instantly clean their bathroom all at once. They text you back right away, nearly every time. And they can finish up the details of an important project in the spare 15 minutes that they spend waiting in the carpool lane at school.

Their homes are nearly clutter-free because they are religiously posting all of the stuff they need to get rid of in the local Facebook group each week.

They have a command center so that everyone in the family knows what is going on each day of the entire year, month by month, and they use either a bullet journal, sticky note calendar, or a gigantic planner with tabs and sections to schedule out their weeks and days, hour by hour. These supermoms come up with goals and ideas and accomplish them like it's no one's business.

But they don't do this with large blocks of time, each and every day. They do this in the small spaces of time that people like me use to scroll FB or Instagram.

These are the supermoms that we ask, "Do you ever sleep?"

I don't think they do.

Supermoms are prepared.

A supermom friend of mine has her freezer stocked with freezer meals that she's already made. Not for the next week or two weeks. But for the entire month! She gets ultra-supermom status.

After one of her children ended up having emergency surgery, she told me that when she was able to open up her freezer and not worry about cooking meals. She knew that her family would be fed, and she didn't have to worry about what to make for dinner and could spend that time with her son during his recovery.

When it comes to events, birthday parties, or anything hostess related, supermoms have everything mostly ready days ahead of time. Whereas I am usually the mom who is thrilled when everyone is late because I'm cleaning and setting up until the very last second.

They have band-aids and first-aid kits in their purses, diapers and wipes hidden in their cars, and snacks for everyone at the playdate. If your child sneezes during allergy season and needs three tissues to clean it all up, this is the mom you go to first.

We all love the prepared supermoms and especially love going to her house.

Supermoms can see the silver lining.

There is no one who escapes tragedy or hard times in life. We all have rough days and moments where we want to crawl up and spend the day or the month hiding under the covers.

Supermoms keep going though. They know that they have to be resilient for themselves, for their children, and for their families.

They are able to go through the moments that no one wants to endure and keep pushing through. They are examples to us all to never give up, to make the best of each day, to love fiercely, and to fight for what they believe in.

They are the moms who we think of and say, "I don't know how she does it." And we really don't. But we admire them and how they teach us that each day we're given is a gift.

The sign of a true supermom is someone we can look up to. Supermoms are all around us. They are the moms who take these talents and are generous with them, even without realizing it.

They make us a meal or gather friends to bring us meals for an entire week. They are the moms who we can call when everything is going wrong, and they know just how to help. Supermoms are friends who help give us perspective to see that sometimes our struggles really aren't all that bad.

You make us all want to be better moms, women, and human beings. You show us how one act of kindness can truly make a difference.

Thank you to the supermoms all around the world. The ones who bring life and happiness into our communities, and the ones who help bind and hold our families together.

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