25 Simple Things That Mean a Lot to Kids


My oldest daughter turns nine-years-old this week, and as each passing year comes by, I notice something different about myself. I stop worrying about the little things so much.

It's so easy to think that in order to spend quality time with my kids that it has to be a long event or something that I've planned for ages. That's not true at all though. It's the small moments that matter. The inbetween moments that sometimes seem trivial to us.

25 Simple Things that Mean a Lot to Kids

  1. Declare a pajama day.
  2. Let them choose the dinner menu for one night. They might even love being the sous chef!
  3. Stay up late to read their favorite bedtime story once more.
  4. Enjoy a tea party with real tea and crackers.
  5. Let them choose their own outfit, even if it doesn't match a bit.
  6. Show off their artistic work on the refrigerator or the wall. Maybe even frame it!
  7. Let them climb a high structure on the playground, and when they get to the top say, "You did it!"
  8. Have a movie night and watch it with them. Make sure to grab your favorite movie snack.
  9. Crank on some music while cleaning and have a dance party.
  10. Go on a nature hunt for one of their favorite animals, plants, or flowers.
  11. Pitch a tent in the yard and have a campout at home.
  12. Let them send a text to the grandparents with all of the emojis they love.
  13. Tell stories about the silly things you did when you were their age.
  14. Remind them what they were like as a baby and what their first word was.
  15. Race them across the park.
  16. Take them to the dollar store and give them a few dollars to spend as they please.
  17. Let them paint your fingernails or toe nails.
  18. Make a note for them or draw a picture and leave it on their pillow.
  19. Tell them 3 things they are really good at.
  20. When they spill their drink, smile about how silly it is and help them wipe it up.
  21. Come up with a song that you sing to them on a regular basis.
  22. Draw a shape and invite them to finish the picture.
  23. Let them use your office supplies to make a card or a book.
  24. Give them permission to dance in the rain or to go outside without a coat on.
  25. Lie next to them for a few minutes at bedtime when you tuck them in.

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Simple things means a lot!


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"When they spill their drink, smile about how silly it is and help them wipe it up" ... sounds great in theory lol



@Michelle18 Aren't pajama days the best!?!


Love these ideas! #1 is my favorite