Brilliant videos to teach kids to tie their shoes


Having trouble teaching your child to tie their shoes? You’re not the only one!

Shoe tying is one of the life skills that creeps up around the time that children start kindergarten. Teaching my daughter to tie her shoes was so much harder than I expected. I tried teaching her the only way that I knew and the bunny ear method took on a new level of frustration.

Many adults know how to tie shoes with the same bunny story I heard as a child, but when you need a way that works quickly or for children who need extra help with motor skills, there are much simpler and less frustrating ways to learn. I went to YouTube for help, and a few days later my daughter was successfully tying her shoes. It was a win for her, for me, and for her teacher at school too.

YouTube Videos that Teach Children to Tie their Shoes

These YouTube videos are just what you need for shoe tying methods that work like magic. Teach children to tie shoes step by step easily.

Colton, a five year old shares his awesome method for tying shoes that he learned at school. He secures a loop on one end of his shoe then on the other. This method is great because it frees up both hands to work on the loops. Plus, when he’s done, his shoes aren’t just tied, they are double knotted!

This way to tie shoes is super clever. Make one criss cross then another and bring the laces over top and through.

An occupational therapist explains why it’s so hard to tie shoes, and it all makes sense. In this video she shows the same criss cross method in the other videos but includes brilliant dual colored shoe laces and gives tips to make the process easier like starting off with a shoe on a table instead of a child’s foot.

This method is really similar to the above video, but this one is slightly different…and might be a bit simpler for some children. After the second criss cross, the laces are brough from under the criss cross. So clever because tightening it looks so much simpler.

Patty Shukla made this rhyme to help little ones. This is how I learned to tie my shoes – the old school bunny ear way. But it’s a whole lot more fun with this song and the demonstrations!

Do you have an easy way to teach children to tie shoes? I’d love to hear about it!

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@Michelle18 My kids have those too! I'm definitely going to switch to shoes with laces soon, but these work for the time being


Great ideas - here's an even easier solution! My kids love the Nike sock dart: