Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

Get ready for Thanksgiving with a free Thanksgiving Word Search printable for kids!

Two of my three kids love to do word search puzzles. Themed word search puzzles? Even better! So, this Thanksgiving it's time to break out a brand new printable Thanksgiving word search that will keep them hunting for words!

Thanksgiving Word Search

Word searches aren't just fun activities to pass the time or keep the kids occupied while you're cooking dinner, they're actually a great language arts activity.

Word search puzzles help to reinforce basic skills such as:

  • vocabulary
  • word recognition
  • letter recognition
  • spatial relations

As a former homeschooling mom and teacher, I think that the more ways I can sneak learning in, the better! Word searches, like this printable Thanksgiving Word Search, are one of my favorite ways to do it. I'm also a huge fan of reading themed books - especially around the holidays!

Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

Download: Thanksgiving Word Search

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