Sweat and Hydration: Free Mini-Unit Study

I am a firm believer in letting my kids choose a topic of interest and encouraging them to learn about it.

When the youngest (Kindergarten) decided that she wanted to learn more about sweat, we did just that. The mini-unit study takes just 10-15 minutes a day and can be used as your science study. We spaced our lessons out over the course of a week, but you can condense or elongate that time frame as needed.

In the free download I have mapped out an opening statement, vocabulary words, and activities for each day. You can download the free mini-unit study, Sweet Sweat and the Importance of Hydration, here.

If you are headed to the library or bookstore, you might also want to pick up one or two of these children’s books to accompany your study of sweat and hydration:

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