Summer Books for Preschool

Summer books for preschool are the perfect way to introduce little learners to the joy of reading!

Preschool books are some of my favorite books, because they teach children about the world around them – and inside of them! – in a fun, stress-free way.

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When it comes to getting kids to read on those warm summer days when the sunshine is calling their name and the unicorn kiddie pool is just waiting for them to splash around, you really need to have books that catch their attention.

These summer books for preschool do just that!

You can add all of the books to your children’s library by clicking on the titles. You will also be able to find most of them at your local public library! Have fun reading!

Summer Books for Preschool

This book is a sunny celebration to summer! From ice cream trucks to the 4th of July, read how these kids spend their summer and maybe get some ideas of your own. Read more about it here.

What all do you need to pack for a summer vacation? There is always something you may forget! Read more about it here.

Follow a praying mantis during his eventful summer. You’ll be sure to have some laughs. Read more about it here.

This is Mouse’s first summer and he is inviting you to a picnic in the park. Read more about it here.

The sun is shining and it’s time to celebrate summer! Let’s go play outside! Read more about it here!

Ice cream + summer = a great time in the heat with a sweet treat! Read more about it here!

A little boy can’t wait for it to be summer, but will it ever come? Read more about it here.

Everyone should know how to read, so a little boy spends his summer teaching his cats how to read. Read more about it here!

It’s Spots first time going to the swimming pool. He’s kind of nervous, but he’s sure to have a blast. Read more about it here!

The cold is gone and summer is here! What a better way to spend the day than at the beach. Read more about it here!

Follow the creation of a summer supper starting at the farm all the way to the table. Read more about it here!

Some people spend their summer at grandma’s or even at camp, but this little guy spends his out west. Read more about it here.

This book talks about 20 flowers and the fairies that guard them. It also has amazing poems and illustrations you’ll never forget. Read more about it here!

Go on vacation with the bear family, but there might be some chaos along the way. Read more about it here!

It’s so hot out and Zoomer wants to cool off. No better way than with a snow cone! Read more about it here.