September 17th is Constitution Day

On this day in September 17th, 1 787…

September 17th marks the anniversary of the day when the delegates of the Constitutional Convention met to sign the Constitution of the United States. There were 39 members who signed the document that would change the country on that almost-fall day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They came from near and far to make their mark on the document that they spent months working on – refining and rewriting until it was the version they felt best represented the direction the country was destined to take. It was not an easy process.

September 17th is Constitution Day


The National Archives is a fabulous primary source for information and images of the Constitution. They have an entire resource page for educators and parents to share with students about the Constitutional Convention and, ultimately, the signing of the Constitution itself. You can find that resource here:


The leaders who were delegates in the Continental Convention were unique and fascinating men. They possessed passion for freedom and beliefs that are hard to find in many leaders of the modern world. Use the graphic organizer below to compare and contrast two of the signers and then write a short essay about them, their similarities, and their differences.


Take a look at the original Constitution here or explore the National Constitution Center’s websitethat is filled with historical information, as well as the complete transcript of the Constitution itself.


Liberty’s Kids is a fantastic kid-friendly way to bring history alive and in the 40th episode they talk all about the Constitutional Convention. You can watch it below.

What are you doing for National Constitution Day?