Reading Book BINGO: Printable Reading Game

Make reading fun with this printable Book BINGO reading game for kids!

FREE Printable Book BINGO Reading Game

I am always searching for ways to make reading more interesting, more exciting, more fun, more engaging for my kids. My youngest two are amazing readers great comprehension and fluency, reading way above grade level, and, despite their protests, they do actually like to read.

My oldest has dyslexia which makes sight reading a challenge, but he loves to ear read audiobooks. In fact, he frequently downloads them on his computer or phone after asking for a subscription to Audible one year at Christmas.

As a mom of a child who has struggled for years with reading, to have him actually ask for and be excited by booksits amazing.

BINGO Reading Game

So, before I get too emotional at the thought of him reading, let me share with you this fun Book BINGO game that were doing starting next month.

You could use it for a summer reading challenge, class reading game, or just as a way to expand your child's horizons.

Each box has a specific reading requirement. When a book that meets that criteria has been read, the box can be checked off or have a star sticker placed in it.

Easy peasy, right? It's a lot of fun and the kids get into the challenge of beating each other at getting the first BINGO.


Reading Book BINGO Prizes

For us, there are three different levels of prizes based on the books read.

Theres the traditional five in a row BINGO prize, the perimeter prize (sneaking math in for the homeschool mom win!), and the complete board prize.

The lowest level prize is a trip to the bookstore to pick out a new book and have cocoa with Mom or Dad. Not a bad "starter" prize if I do say so myself!

The second level prize gets them a stay-up-late and watch the movie based on one of your books ticket.

The grand prize is a $10 Amazon gift card that they can spend as they wish.

You can adjust the prizes as needed to motivate your learners and fit your budget, but this works for us since our kids are older.

Book BINGO Reading Game

Simply print out the Reading BINGO game below (print on card stock to make it sturdier) and get reading! Be sure to print one out for each child or, if you're doing it as a family summer reading game challenge, you'll only need one.

Have fun!


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Brandi Jordan
Brandi Jordan


Yay! I hope she enjoys it! Don't be afraid to modify the tasks for more beginning readers. =)


What a great idea! My oldest loves to read and this is a great way to get her thinking a bit more about her reading choices and about the book itself.

Cynthia Rusincovitch
Cynthia Rusincovitch


Good idea! My middle child is just getting exciting about reading and this would be fun to do with her.