Online Reading Game for Kids

Online reading games take the struggle out of teaching kids reading by creating engaging learning opportunities!

Online reading games help engage reluctant readers and teach them the skills they need to become more proficient, fluent readers. I know, because thats what has helped my kids. They keep my kids on task and excited about reading even when they would rather be doing anything other than their reading lessons! The key? Finding an online reading game thats the perfect mix of education and fun.

I received a free subscription to Reading Eggs and compensation for my time; all opinions are my own.

Independent Reading Games

As my kids have gotten older, Ive tried to find learning games that they can complete independently. Not only does it give them a sense of freedom, but it allows me to spend one-on-one time teaching their siblings. Its a win-win for sure! Thats why Im so excited to share our favorite online reading game, Reading Eggs, with you!

Online Reading for Older Kids

Right now my 10 year old is using the Reading Eggspress adventure game designed for ages 7-13. There are a lot of online reading programs that cater to emergent readers, but its often hard to find ones that are designed for older readers as well. Age-appropriate graphics and engaging material often phase out by the time kids reach third grade.

Reading Eggs has three different levels: Reading Eggs Junior (ages 2-4), Reading Eggs (ages 3-7), and Reading Eggspress (ages 7-13). As a mom of three, I love that I could have had all of my kids using the same online program at levels that fit their needs. It makes homeschooling multiple ages so much easier!

Year-Round Reading Game

Our 12-month family membership ensures that my daughter can continue to learn year-round without interruption. I love that it gives her a firm foundation in critical reading skills. There are also plenty of opportunities for her to check her learning progress. If she doesnt master a skill, the program teaches her how to do it correctly.

Since theres so much benefit to following a process and reviewing vocabulary and prior knowledge before reading, the former teacher in me was thrilled to see that Reading Eggs follows that model. It prevents her from moving on to other parts of the lesson before she completes the necessary steps. That means that I can be working with another child and be confident that she is really doing the lesson. Moms who homeschool multiple kids, you know what I mean!

What Moms Say About Reading Eggs

What Kids Say About Reading Eggs

While I love the technical and educational sides of the program, she loves that its fun and doesnt feel like regular schoolwork. Even though its reading, its a lot of fun and Im learning a lot, she admits. I also like earning points that I can spend in the store.

Students earn points for completing activities that they can use in the online store. They can redeem points for everything from new clothes for their customizable avatars to wallpaper for their home base. Its a great way to add incentives in to the game without taking away from the learning thats occurring.

Try it Yourself

Get a FREE 4-week trial to all of the Reading Eggs programs! You can try out Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, and their math program for ages 3-9, Mathseeds, for four weeks to see for yourself how amazing it is. Your kids will be hooked!


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