More Free Blank 120 Chart Templates with Themes

When my youngest was learning how to count to 120, we used these blank 120 chart templates.

Now that she is older and has moved on, I hadn’t thought much about how important this skill really is for young learners. A fellow homeschool mom was telling me how she was planning on working on this very skill with her son in the fall. She was having trouble finding the charts she wanted, because they were either too plain for her liking or too “girly” for her rough and tumble son. I offered to make up some more free blank 120 chart templates with themes for her that would work well with the first few weeks of her homeschool lessons.

Since she’ll be focusing on fall, hot air balloons (they’re going to a hot air balloon event – too cool!!), and the farm, I whipped up some blank 120 charts that would coordinate. Feel free to download them and use them in your own homeschool lessons or with your preschool or kindergarten students. Don’t forget, you can save your color ink by printing them in greyscale if need be. Enjoy!