Counting to 120 – Free Printable Charts

Teaching kids to count? These 120 chart printables can help! Blank 120 charts help kids learn to count to 120.

Little Miss has been working on counting over 100. In truth, she had mastered it orally, but writing down all of those numbers was still a bit of a challenge. After she started writing them down on her own, I decided it was time to create a blank 120 chart that would be easy for her to fill-in.

While most charts only go to 100 (hence the name Hundred Chart), I made ours go to 120. The higher she can count, the better!

Here are the 120 charts that we used. The first is partially filled in if your child needs a bit of help and the second one is blank. Feel free to print them out and use them with your children.

120 Chart

120 Chart Partially Completed

Blank 120 Chart


There are a lot of ways to teach counting, but a 120 chart whether its completely blank or partially filled in gives kids a chance to engage multiple senses. Not only are they able to write the numbers from 1-120 on the printable chart, but theyre also able to place counters on the spaces to visually represent what 120 (or any number in between) actually looks like. Thats powerful when it comes to understanding and building math concepts.

The partially filled in 120 charts are great for introducing the concept of counting to 120. They give preschool and kindergarten learners a chance to build off of prior knowledge and gain success rapidly.

The printable blank 120 charts are great to use after the concept has been introduced and practiced at least once. The good thing is, you can continue practicing counting to 120 throughout the school year until your students really understand the concept. The variety of themes in the charts should help hold their attention and make math a bit more fun!


Dont forget to give your budding mathematician some manipulatives to help them count. Beans, candy buttons or M&Ms, craft sticks, or buttons are easy and inexpensive items that can really help to make counting concrete.

Happy Counting to 120!